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My daughter is awesome.
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siriciryon wrote in hubrisfire

For those not keeping track, that's a 5 year old spinning poi.
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Hallo from Vladivostok, south-eastern Russia.
This's video younger sister(4,5 years old) of one of the SunBlaze team members.
(got elder sister's sock-poi)

She is adorable! And it's very cool that Hubris is being noticed from so far away (yay magic of the Internet)
Thanks for sharing

Re: nice, very nice

eah! she Yutas big fan. ))

I'm waching all fire communities that i can find.
Hubris i found from poispinners community.

unglad that "central" US/EN fire communities(poispinners, firespinners, x_fire_x) has low activity.[x_fire_x - Australia - closed in May. 3rd, 2007]
most active fire communities (that i waching) is (general Russian fire+spinner community) (Moskow fire community)

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